Flower Decoration for Wedding Room

Wedding decorations are not always made romantic with hundreds of flowers. To get a warm and casual party, bright colors can be used as decorations. As an inspiration, decorations from paper flowers, ribbons and colorful windmills made by Jonquilla Decor can be applied.

Many wedding couples carry the rustic theme, because the theme can give a warm impression to their wedding party. To create a rustic theme, you can take colors and decorative elements from shabby chic style, which are identical to pink and pastel colors, floral motifs and romantic nuances, but don’t forget also to highlight the country atmosphere with strong wood and vintage elements that become the hallmark of the rustic theme.

a timeless theme and will never be outdated anytime. This theme is also the most favored by wedding couples because it seems formal and suitable for weddings. Parents and extended families will also love it because the classic decorating style suits all ages and tastes. Fill your wedding party with pink decorations and floral decorations to get a romantic feel.

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