Flowers Bouquet for Wedding Party

Gardenias or gardenia flowers have a fragrant that will make you captivated. This flower symbolizes purity, happiness, love, trust, and hope. This flower also has the sign “you are the most beautiful”. This flower will be easier to find because this flower grows in a tropical climate.

For those of you who want to look a little different for your hand bouquet, besides being an ornamental plant you can choose this orchid flower. This flower looks beautiful, unique and exotic. This flower symbolizes love and beauty. Although this flower grows in a tropical climate, this flower includes flowers that are quite difficult to cultivate, so don’t be surprised if this flower has a fairly expensive price.

Ethnic or multicultural marriages are about highlighting a culture or combining two cultures, traditions, and families into one beautiful whole. Show rich colors like gold, red and green as well as add ethnic specialties to your area of origin. Your ethnic party theme will be even more perfect if you also invite dancers, musicians or other entertainers who display the art of your area.

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