Pretty Wedding Flowers

Hand bouquet is one of the important items that must be owned by a woman in her wedding. Not only things that complement the wedding and beautify the bride, the flowers used for the hand bouquet have their respective meanings which describe the bride’s hopes for their married life later.

Baby’s breath is often described for simple and modern weddings. This flower has the meaning of eternal love, purity, sincerity in accordance with the young bride who will begin their married life. This flower is usually used as a complement to the hand bouquet series but, if baby’s breath is collected into one, it will be a hand bouquet that is no less captivating with other flowers.

If you hear the tulips that will be in your mind, surely the Netherlands is the origin of this flower. This flower makes you look classic and elegant. This flower symbolizes your deep love for your partner. This interest includes interest which is quite expensive because this flower usually grows in spring.

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