Purple Flower with Pot Decorations

The blue flower (Clitoria ternateaL.) Is an easy-to-grow vines. This plant breeds with seeds. Treatment of this plant only needs regular watering and soil moisture, as well as the provision of basic fertilizers. This plant is suitable for planting in the yard besides because of its beautiful purple flowers, it also has many benefits.

The benefits of this plant are as an inflammation medication, boils / abscesses, fever, stomach edema and inflammation of the eyes (Hembing, Efficacious Medicinal Plants in Indonesia, Library of Kartini, 1992). Purple plant flowers are usually used for natural blue dyes and can be used as tea bags that are effective for cleansing the blood and fever medication. But the most popular of the benefits of this plant is as an eye cleaner, draining eye waste without having side effects. For you motorbike riders, I recommend planting this plant to be used as an eye cleaner.

The benefits of water purple flower can remove impurities in the eyes so that the eyes become clearer and can prevent inflammation of the eye.

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