Rose Flowers

What gifts do you usually give during special day celebrations? In addition to a box of sweet chocolate, roses are usually a favorite choice. Spiny flowers but still looking beautiful are indeed referred to as symbols of love. So, it’s only natural that roses are still a favorite gift during celebration of valentines day.

Usually someone only knows red roses, even though there are also yellow roses, white, pink and others. In fact, he said from the various colors of the rose has a different meaning when you give it. Generally the characteristics of roses can we see from the shape of the flower which has a number of five crowns with various color variations.

It would be nice if you also understand the characteristics of this rose so that you don’t choose it wrongly. It is not a funny thing, if you choose the wrong flower because you do not know the characteristics of roses.

Mawar Merah is one of the plant types of the genus Rosa which is used as a symbol of love and also to mention feelings for couples. The characteristics of red roses are as follows:

  • The flower petals are red with a very beautiful shape
  • The stem is sharply spiny, and the leaves are serrated on the side

The meaning of red roses is a symbol of true love. This also emerged throughout history and across cultures both as political and religious symbols.

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