Summer Wedding Flowers

For those who are not familiar with the name of the flower carnation flower, it is also often called a carnation flower. Generally, this flower symbolizes love, but each color also has the meaning that pink carnation symbolizes brilliance, white carnation flower symbolizes sincerity and purity, and red carnation flower symbolizes love. This flower is quite easy to find because it can grow throughout the year.

Daisy flowers are very symbolic of the marriage life that will be lived by newlyweds, where this interest has the meaning to always share both in joy and sorrow, sincerity and purity. This flower is quite easy to find so the price is not too expensive.

If you are thinking of having a hand bouquet that looks elegant and elegant you can use Calla Lily flowers. This flower has the meaning of elegance, honesty, and beauty. Generally these flowers are quite expensive because they only grow in spring and summer. Not infrequently this interest must be imported from abroad.

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